Bret Hart opens up about Shawn Michaels' past drug problems

WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart
WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart

Bret Hart has been in the pro wrestling business for a long time, where he has seen the ups and dows of the business. Hart is regarded as one of the best of his generation, and he came face-to-face with many greats when he was a part of WWE in the 90s. One of his greatest rivals was Shawn Michaels as the two had a rivalry on-screen and off it as well.

Bret Hart recently spoke with Fightful, and in the interview, he opened up about the drug problem that was prevalent in pro wrestling in the past.

Bret Hart on the drug problem in pro wrestling in the past; praises Shawn Michaels for getting off drugs

Bret Hart spoke about Davey Boy Smith, former WWE Superstar and his brother-in-law, and how he was addicted to drugs. He said that for some people even rehab doesn't quite help them get out of the habit of using drugs, as he cited another former WWE Superstar Test, who sadly passed away in 2009.

He then spoke about Shawn Michaels and how HBK survived his drug problem. Bret Hart said that Michaels "had a really bad problem":

"There’s a lot of guys that have the ability to get off and it’s a credit to Shawn Michaels, really, that he survived, that he’s alive today. He was one of the guys, and he’d probably be the first one to tell you, I’m sure he has, that he had a really bad problem. There’s a few wrestlers from those days that had serious drug problems that overcame them and are alive today that and are living prosperous and happy lives. It just shows you that if nothing is impossible, maybe, it would be nice to think that Davey would have been like one of them. But, unfortunately, he’s not with us."

Shawn Michaels has openly acknowledged his use of drugs and alcohol and how it almost ruined his life. The WWE Hall of Famer has spoken about how turning towards religion helped him battle his demons and led him on the right track.

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