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Bret Hart recalls wrestling match in hotel room with Roddy Piper 

Bret Hart
Bret Hart
Karan Bedi
Modified 14 Dec 2020

Bret Hart is known for his in-ring exceptionalism and dedication to the craft. While 'rowdy' behavior was expected of others, at least on the face, Bret Hart wouldn't necessarily feature into that conversation. But like most in the era, the things that happened off-screen were so entertaining that it seemed to rival his on-screen persona.

Bret Hart and Roddy Piper had some memorable matches in their career, but their classic at WrestleMania 08 figures into many conversations. But their relationship beyond the mat was something extraordinary as it was a tale of master and student.

In Confessions of a Hitman, Bret Hart recounts how much Roddy Piper had on his career and mentioned how he and Roddy Piper met after the show to have a drink.

Bret Hart reveals that he made Roddy Piper tap out

Bret Hart said that Roddy Piper was willing to impart his knowledge of the wrestling business, especially to an up-and-comer like himself. But on that night, The Hitman said he ended up drinking with Roddy till 3 in the morning. Bret Hart said:

"I end up with Roddy till 3 in the morning and end up in his room, and we talk for a little bit and I finally told him and said, I got to get going. My wife is still waiting for me. He tackled me in the room and then, we had this full-on wrestling match for about 45 minutes. I mean, it was a hand-to-hand combat. The mattress is tipped over, the chairs tipped over, the tables. He would not let up. He wouldn't quit till I finally beat him. I think I made him tap out"

Hart recalls one of the security personnel came to get them to stop. Roddy said that they would if he gave them both beers. Hart said that he and Piper kept going and made him tap out again.

There is no doubt that Bret Hart's opinion of 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper was very high and remained so to this day. Though, their more 'intimate' moments were perhaps as entertaining as their in-ring ones.


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Published 14 Dec 2020, 17:59 IST
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