Bret Hart reveals the impact Puerto Rico had on his career 

Bret Hart reveals where it all began (Pic Source: WWE)
Bret Hart reveals where it all began
Karan Bedi

Even the "best" in the business had to start somewhere, and Bret Hart was no exception. The man who is still considered one of the greatest of all time may have learnt his basics in the famous Hart Dungeon, but traveling on the road added to his in-ring prowess, repertoire, and of course, helping him becoming a 5-Time WWE Champion.

In an interview with Michael Morales Torres from Lucha Libre Online, Bret Hart spoke of his travels in Puerto Rico and how the experience set him on a path to success in pro wrestling.

Bret Hart says training in Puerto Rico made him want to be a wrestler

Bret Hart said that he learned some of the basics that held him in great stead in his career, such as not injuring his opponent. Moreover, Bret Hart said that those experiences he had as a young man made him want to be a pro wrestler more than ever. He said

“I learned so much coming to Puerto Rico. When I first started, like, I really learned wrestling. I learned. I mostly learned how to fall, how to protect myself, and how not to injure my opponent. I took maybe six months wrestling training. I had two matches, and also know I was on an airplane and I was in Puerto Rico. You know that there's a lot more to wrestling than learning how to tie up and how to fall and I learned so much in the three months that I was in Puerto Rico. I learned so much that pushed me when I got to Canada to help me become a bigger star. I think I learned so much in those first three months in Puerto Rico that I was able to keep going on in wrestling and I never really gave up on my career because I think what I learned in Puerto Rico, more than anything, was I learned to believe in myself. And so coming back, I remember being a kid that didn't necessarily believe in himself, didn't think I was going to be a wrestler. I didn't even know if I wanted to be a wrestler.
"And then when I left Puerto Rico, I was a guy that wanted to be a wrestler and I was going to. I made a promise to myself. I swear this is true, I used to go out on the rocks out in the ocean, out here, off the beach and sit on the rocks and I remember looking up at the sky and tell myself that I don't want to just be a wrestler. I want to be the greatest wrestler of all time. I want to be the best wrestler. I want to be a world champion. I'm going to wrestle for all the different territories and I'm going to be a champion. I'm going to make my father proud. I remember making this promise to myself, which I had no reason to no."

Bret Hart insinuated that he got his confidence working in Puerto Rico and that going back there was always a great experience.

Quotes provided by Michael Morales Torres

Edited by Nishant Jayaram
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