Bret Hart on his struggles since suffering a stroke

Bret Hart suffered a stroke in 2002
Bret Hart suffered a stroke in 2002

WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart has gone into detail on what he considers to be one of the most challenging battles in his life, his recovery from suffering a stroke back in 2002.

The 27th episode of Confessions of the Hitman saw Bret Hart discuss his stroke and rehabilitation in-depth. Hart also mentioned the role that being concussed by Goldberg played in his stroke. The episode concludes with Hart providing an update on his current health status.

According to Bret Hart, his battle and recovery from the stroke in 2002 was the hardest thing he ever had to endure in his life. The Hitman paraphrased John Cena when he said that he was proud of himself for "never giving up."

"Hands down, the most challenging battle I ever had; that's for sure. I've talked a lot about my stroke over the years. As difficult as it was, I've always been really proud of how I recovered through it. I willed myself to not really give up, and I think it's a little bit like, I wrote in my book that it was kind of time to be the hero I was pretending to be in [pro] wrestling. I did not give up. I kept pushing the envelope the whole time."

Goldberg's kick may be related to Bret Hart's stroke

Bret Hart also went on to talk about how the concussion he received when Goldberg kicked him in the head may be related to his stroke.

"When Bill Goldberg kicked me, I could see stars. Then, when I had my stroke, lying on the grass 100 feet from The Pumphouse Theatre on the Bow River there, on the bike path, I remember lying on the grass and I could see just out of my left eye, not the right one. The right eye was fine, but the left eye, it was the same thing. It was a million stars in my left eye, and I remember going, 'the concussion."

Bret Hart ended the episode by stating that he would give his current health a 9/10 rating, suggesting that he is currently at about 90%. Hopefully his health, much like him, will continue to be 'the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be."

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