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WWE News: Bret Hart talks about wrestling Kurt Angle in his dream

Bret Hart also spoke about the kindness of his late brother Owen Hart.

Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart reflects on his life post-retirement

WWE legend Bret Hart recently had an interview with Sports Illustrated, where he talked about wrestling the Olympian gold-medalist Kurt Angle in his dreams, the memories of his brother Owen Hart and a wrist surgery that did him more harm than good.

Upon being asked, who his dream-wrestling opponent post retirement would be. The Hitman noted that on one occasion he actually dreamt about being in the squared circle with Kurt Angle. Bret Hart described his dream by saying:

“I had him clamped in a headlock. I was breathing hard and I remember telling myself: “This is only a dream, it’s not real.” But the longer I held Kurt in a headlock, I started to believe it was real. I focused on a square inch of fabric on the canvas and studied it.

In my dream, I remember feeling this excitement telling myself that this was real, that I had Kurt Angle in a side headlock somewhere. Then, seconds later, I simply woke up. It was a dream.”

Bret Hart expressed his desire to have wrestled Kurt Angle:

“It would've been pretty cool for me to have that one chance to wrestle Kurt Angle one time.”

Kurt Angle acknowledged Bret Hart’s comments about wanting to wrestle him by retweeting the interview on his Twitter account. 

The Hitman also talked about the memories of his brother, Owen Hart, who had passed away in a freak accident during the May 23rd 1999 Over the Edge pay-per-view event. The unfortunate event is one of the darkest moments in the history of professional wrestling. 

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The Canadian native mentioned how much Owen was loved and stated that the stories of his adventures within the ring were still shared amongst the family. Hart said that he missed his late brother’s kindness and his ability to pull off the most random pranks on people.

Here’s the video of a statement that Bret Hart had given on WCW after Owen Hart’s passing:

Hart also went on to talk about his failed wrist surgery in November 2015, which cost him the use of his finger and the thumb of his right hand when the surgeon severed a nerve.

He talked about the devastating effects it had on his general lifestyle, as he was no longer able to draw and write as he previously used to. Hart commented that the severed nerve was still an issue for him and that doctors had been unable to help him with it yet. 

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