Brian Kendrick shares the real reason why he split from former WWE Superstar (Exclusive)

Kendrick is a 3-time champion in WWE.
Kendrick is a 3-time champion in WWE.

Brian Kendrick was the special guest on this week's UnSKripted episode, where he opened up about his tag team run with former WWE star Paul London.

The duo were very successful during their time in WWE. They won the tag team championship twice and had the record for the longest reign in company history until it was broken by The New Day in 2016.

Kendrick and London competed alongside each other for three years between 2005 and 2008, but WWE separated the team during the Draft as Brian was set to receive a push.

While the renowned team produced magic together, Kendrick said his alliance with London could not have gone any longer than it did in WWE. He admitted that tag team wrestling was an essential part of the business, but it limited a wrestler from ascending to the next level as a performer.

Kendrick also felt it was time for him to branch out as a singles star in 2008, as he parted ways with London to pursue a solo run in WWE. Here's what the former WWE star revealed on Sportskeeda's Q&A show:

"But, tag team wrestling, it only goes so far. It's an act. It's a great act, and it makes for exciting wrestling, but at the time, the act was only going to be one or two segments on the show, and it's always going to be where it needs to be," explained Brian Kendrick. "We found this out directly. So it was time for us to split, but you know, we got to do some really cool stuff together." [8:51 - 9:20]

"I don't watch modern wrestling" - Former WWE star Brian Kendrick

Brian Kendrick left WWE in February earlier this year after serving as both a talent and a trainer for the promotion.

The veteran superstar noted that he wasn't well-versed with the current landscape of tag team wrestling as he was not a big fan of how the business had evolved in the modern era. While Kendrick still loves professional wrestling, he wasn't too impressed by the emphasis on storylines.

"The thing with the tag teams, and I don't know how it is today; I don't watch modern wrestling," Brian Kendrick added. "Not because I don't like wrestling, it's just I'm not interested in storylines; I still love wrestling and all things about it." [8:30 - 8:50]

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