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WWE News: Bruce Prichard reveals why WWE has never booked a WarGames match

Wrestling veteran Bruce Prichard talks about why WWE didn't bank in on the WarGames concept.

Prichard reveals that Vince don’t like double rings

What’s the Story:

During a recent episode of ‘Wrestle with Bruce Prichard’, the wrestling veteran discussed why WWE did not book a WarGames match in the promotion despite the immense amount of success that it had back in WCW.

Prichard noted that Vince McMahon did not like the idea of having two rings and also said that Vince didn’t care for the gimmick as it was created in WCW.

In case you did not know:

Dusty Rhodes was the brain behind WarGames and he was inspired by the movie Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.

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Initially designed for the Four Horsemen, the gimmick would go on to become popular among the fans and was used on 29 occasions in the history of professional wrestling. The last WarGames match happened back in 1997 when The nWo faced off against The Four Horsemen in WCW: Fall Brawl.

The Heart of the matter:

Vince McMahon’s lack of interest towards things that came up in WCW was exposed by Prichard once again during the podcast. Prichard said that he tried to sell a double ring battle royal to Vince at times, but Vince’s hate for double rings was once again the hurdle.

Another factor that Prichard noted was that Vince didn’t like the idea of wrestlers getting in at regular intervals with heels having the advantage. The same concept, however, was later used in the Elimination chamber.

What’s next?

Most of Prichard’s podcast episodes have given the fans a great insight into how WWE have been working over the years.

Hearing it from a credible source like Prichard also helps to avoid the unnecessary rumours and “Wrestle with Prichard” is indeed a wrestling podcast worth tuning into.

Sportskeeda’s Take:

Setting up two rings in an arena requires a lot of effort and money. The Wargames concept being dropped because of such a reason is understandable. However, banking on the past glory of WarGames is something that WWE could do in the near future.

It would be a great blast from the past but then again, the amount of violence involved would be cut drastically due to the PG constraints.

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