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Bubba Ray Dudley wants to face Tessa Blanchard, talks giving her a powerbomb into the concrete 

Bubba Ray Dudley.
Bubba Ray Dudley.
Modified 22 May 2020

Bubba Ray Dudley was recently interviewed by Chris Van Vliet and the WWE Hall of Famer spoke on various topics during the lengthy interview.

Bubba was asked about possibly going up against Moose for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. However, the match didn't pique his interest. 

Bubba vs. Tessa, however, is a match that 'perked the tag team legend's ears up'. Bubba Ray Dudley spoke highly of Tessa Blanchard by calling her a great women's wrestler. Bubba Ray Dudley also had a brutal spot in mind if he were to go up against Blanchard. 

Bubba Ray Dudley would like to jump the guardrails and send Tessa crashing into the concrete with a powerbomb!

“Bubba vs Moose doesn’t interest me. Bubba vs Tessa? That’s interesting. It’s a match that I would consider but when you say Bubba vs Moose? Okay. Two big guys. Bunch of clotheslines. Bunch of shoulder tackles. Meh. Bubba vs Tessa? Now my ears just perked up. Now you got me listening, because Tessa is a really, really great women’s wrestler, right? I think if I were to jump the guardrails and stick her with a powerbomb into the concrete, that would be interesting.”

What moves would Bubba Ray Dudley take from Tessa Blanchard?

Bubba Ray Dudley went on to explain a few possibilities that could arise in his match against the reigning Impact Wrestling World Champion.

Bubba Ray Dudley outlined a few moves that Tessa Blanchard could believably pull off in a match against him. He stated that Tessa could execute any move against him only if he allowed her to do so.

While Tessa could suplex a compromised Bubba on the ropes, it would be unrealistic to expect her to lift the 325-pound veteran off his feet into a standing vertical. Bubba Ray Dudley added that if he missed two sentons and Blanchard went up to the top rope and delivered a missile dropkick, then he would absolutely bump for her. That would make sense from a storytelling perspective.

He explained:

“She could probably pull off any move on me that I allowed her to pull off. If I was compromised on the ropes. could she possibly (suplex me)? Maybe, because we have enough rotational room. But is Tessa Blanchard gonna lift 325-pound Bubba off his feet into a standing vertical? Absolutely not. If Bubba missed two sentons and Tessa went to the top rope and gave me a missile dropkick, would I bump for her? Absolutely. Because it made sense within the storytelling and the realm of the match. It’s not just a real big guy bumping for a much smaller girl for no good reason. Then it becomes gratuitous and then we’re just taking the art and throwing it out the door. Now it just becomes acrobatics for the sake of acrobatics.” H/t Credit:, Himanshu D

Bubba Ray Dudley made a name for himself as a singles performer under the Bully Ray moniker in TNA. The legendary star is 48 years old but he is still a semi-active performer whose most recent match happened in February in Ring of Honor.

Bubba vs. Tessa may never happen at this stage, but it's still an intriguing matchup to discuss based on the WWE Hall of Famer's comments.

Published 22 May 2020, 03:10 IST
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