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Bully Ray claims the one 'tough' Superstar who could truly take out Brock Lesnar is Shelton Benjamin

Brock Lesnar
Brock Lesnar
Modified 11 Aug 2020

On a recent edition of Busted Open, former Tag Team Champion Bully Ray and Dave LaGreca talked about how WWE has been booking The Hurt Business on RAW. They also talked about Shelton Benjamin and Brock Lesnar.

The group made a major impact last week on RAW by annihilating everyone on RAW Underground. Bully Ray and LaGreca talked about how WWE has done a poor job of booking former US Champion Shelton Benjamin.

Speaking about Benjamin, LaGreca talked about how Bully Ray has often claimed that Benjamin is a stand out performer and could be the guy who takes out Brock Lesnar if pushed properly by the company.

''You've done a great job of selling Shelton Benjamin to our audience. You said that without a doubt Shelton Benjamin is the one guy who could take out Brock Lesnar and knows Brock Lesnar better than anybody.''

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Why Shelton Benjamin would be a perfect opponent for Brock Lesnar

Shelton Benjamin and Brock Lesnar came up together in WWE as they were part of the same batch of OVW. Both the men have experience in amateur wrestling and are believed to be real 'tough guys' behind the scenes.

Bully Ray also talked about how WWE have failed to book him as the 'legit badass' that he is. Talking about Benjamin losing the 24/7 Championship, they said that Benjamin should have never won the title in the first place as it is a joke.

Published 11 Aug 2020, 19:43 IST
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