Bully Ray recalls hilarious botch against another WWE Hall of Famer 

Some of the funniest moments in professional wrestling happen at live events.
Some of the funniest moments in professional wrestling happen at live events.

Botches can happen to any wrestler at any time, even WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray (Bubba Ray Dudley) as he recently revealed.

Bully Ray was the latest guest on Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw to tell some stories from his WWE career and have a good time. During the show, Bully Ray decided to tell the story of the time he botched a hot tag during his first appearance in Madison Square Garden.

"It might have been our first show ever at The Garden," Bully Ray began. "It's a house show. It's The Dudley's, The APA, and I think Edge and Christian. APA eliminate Edge and Christian, heat on D-Von...go figure! And Bubba's going to get the hot tag. I got my family there. I got my fraternity brothers from college there. The APA are heels. We're white hot babyfaces at the time, 20,000 people and rumbling at The Garden. They do a double down, D-Von's crawling over, D-Von gives me the hot tag, the place blows, I come in...I trip over the middle rope."
Dudleys had some of greatest moments in wrestling history-can be argued-with the Road Warriors-as the GOATs. This was one of funniest moments.... Bubba Dudley joins Stories with @Fgbrisco and Bradshaw. Whole show here and podcast

JBL talks about Bully Ray falling on his face at Madison Square Garden

Bradshaw couldn't help himself and decided to elaborate on Bully Ray's story, including all of the stiff shots he had to eat from Ray due to the botch.

"He doesn't just trip over the middle rope," JBL chimes in. "So, Rod hits me with a tag, and I'm crawling in my head down. I'm gonna see straight into a punch or something and take a bump, so I'm rushing across the ring because I know Bubba is gonna get in pretty quick. And whereas I do, Bubba doesn't even catch itself. He falls face-first on the mat at my feet.
"Madison Square Garden, Bubba's got everybody he knows in the front row. But besides that, we got 20,000 other people there. Bubba double legs me and takes me down. And he's punching me as hard as he can. And I thought, 'Bubba, you clumsy bastard, I didn't do it. Take it easy!' Literally, I say, 'Ron, don't feed in, he's mad!'"
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