Charlotte Flair suffers another unfortunate botch on WWE SmackDown

Charlotte Flair botched this week on SmackDown
Charlotte Flair botched this week on SmackDown

This week on WWE SmackDown, Shotzi made her return, in order to set the record straight with Bayley. However, with Damage CTRL at ringside, it appeared clear she was at a disadvantage.

Mid-way through the match, Bayley looked to take the Women's Championship from Iyo Sky, and use it as a weapon. But, Charlotte Flair made her way out to the ring to ensure that the match was a fair one.

The Queen headed down the ramp and was approached by Sky, where it appears that she was supposed to kick the title out of her hand but she went for the kick and completely missed the target.

Instead, her kick went past and she was lucky that she was able to remain on her feet.

This isn't the first time that Flair has botched on SmackDown since her return, and it appears that The Queen has been unlucky in recent weeks.

It also seems as though Flair has stepped up to Bayley since Bianca Belair was written off TV, following a backstage assault from Damage CTRL several weeks ago.

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