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WWE News: Chris Jericho once shoved a female security officer for grabbing him

J. Carpenter
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During his latest podcast, Y2J tells the interesting story of a time in Mexico!

What's the story?

During his recent podcast interview with WWE legend Haku, Chris Jericho talked about a time they were both working in Mexico and while trying to board a flight to the next show, where he accidentally shoved a female airport security officer.

In case you didn't know:

While Jericho is known more for his work in WWE, ECW and WCW, he has also worked a number of other places around the world, including Mexico.

In 1992, Jericho ventured to Mexico, where he worked for several smaller promotions, as well as some of the bigger Mexican promotions such as CMLL. During his time in Mexico, Chris went under a different alias, one being “Leon D’ Oro,” which means Golden Lion.

The heart of the matter:

During this very candid episode of Talk is Jericho, Chris spoke with his former colleague and wrestling legend, Haku.

At one point during the podcast, Chris brought up the time they were both working in Mexico. In this particular instance, they were at an airport, in line, waiting to board a flight to their next show.

Chris mentions that the whole time he was in line, airport security was giving him a really hard time. He claims that at one point, they began pointing and laughing at his title belt (at this time, Chris was a champion somewhere in Mexico).

Chris stated that as he grew increasingly more frustrated, he felt someone grab him on the shoulder, so he quickly turned and shoved the person. Unfortunately for Chris, this person was a female security officer.

Haku was also in the same line to board, behind Jericho, and when he noticed the scuffle, he immediately ran over to help Chris. However, just as Haku approached Chris, so to did the local police, with guns drawn.

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Thankfully, the situation was eventually dissolved without the boys having to spend any time in a Mexican jail.

A lady who was from airport management came up and escorted Jericho and Haku to a small room in the airport, where they were held for several hours. Jericho explained how it was all a ploy to simply get money. The bottom line of the situation was that Chris and Haku had to pay bribes in order to be released. 

The two stars later boarded another flight and arrived at their show that night, just in time.

However, after the two had wrestled their matches for the evening, the promoter let them know that he would not be paying them for the second flight. An irate Haku then got up and apparently ripped the door off of the promoter's office in anger.

Needless to say, the promoter had a change of heart and agreed to pay them for the flights. 

What's next:

With WrestleMania week upon us, we are looking forward to the match where Chris Jericho will defend his United States title against his former best friend, Kevin Owens.

Author’s take:

For those who have never heard much about Haku's background, he has always been known and respected for THE toughest person to ever step into a wrestling ring. Haku has always been a very humble, yet no-nonsense type of guy and there are a number of stories about him from several wrestlers out there, which have been told over the years. 

This whole situation sounds very believable, especially considering the time and how things were run in Mexico. I can see Jericho today being faced with this same situation... someone would make the list!

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