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Chris Jericho reveals why Orange Cassidy is exactly like Kane

Orange Cassidy, Chris Jericho, and Kane.
Orange Cassidy, Chris Jericho, and Kane.
Modified 04 Sep 2020, 10:39 IST

Chris Jericho has been in AEW since day one, and the veteran knows the importance of putting over talents and creative news stars in the promotion.

The Demo God has recently been embroiled in a feud with Orange Cassidy, and the idea of the storyline is to get Cassidy over. Chris Jericho has been clear about his and the company's motive, and he opened up about the same during his appearance on the Busted Open Radio show.

Jericho was relieved that AEW could get the fans back at its shows, however small the number, as wrestlers live to perform in front of live fans.

Chris Jericho said that having the fans back is a litmus test for what's working and which Superstars are over. The former AEW World Champion said that Orange Cassidy has been popular with the fans before the pandemic began, and that it's tough to analyze the reason behind his popularity.

"The idea is let's get this guy to the next level, and it's weird that the last two weeks we've had the crowds back, even though it has been 500 people or whatever, still, that live crowd means the world to us as performers. It's a litmus test. Who is over, who is not, what's working, what's not, and you can have, you know, many kinds of talents - young boys and young girls, rookies, you know enhancement talents, the crew members - it's not the same as the real crowd.
And when we started locking up to Orange months and months ago before the pandemic, there was something about him that people liked and you can't analyze it, you can't justify it, and it doesn't matter. What's over is over."

Orange Cassidy reminds Chris Jericho of Kane

Chris Jericho, however, made an interesting yet strange analogy as he compared Orange Cassidy to Kane. Chris Jericho felt that Cassidy reminds him a lot of the Big Red Machine as both Cassidy and Kane know their characters really well. Chris Jericho explained that Cassidy is well-versed with his character and what he has to do in the ring. Kane was also known for having a sound idea of his gimmick and how he should work matches that suit his persona.

"So let's look at this, and now we can expand upon this. There is really no leeway for him. Obviously, for me, doing this for such a long time, we put together a match; there are certain ideas that I have that may trump his ideas, but he knows who he is as a character, and that is so important. That's the most important thing. What's the character, how does he react, how does he walk, how does he do things? He reminds me of a lot, and this is going to be a strange analogy, but the Bully (Bubba Ray Dudley) would get this, he reminds me a lot of Kane in a way that Kane knew exactly what his character was. He knew exactly what he would do. He knew exactly how he would sell, how he would get the offense, and you could suggest a bunch of things to Glenn (Jacobs), 'okay, let me try it this way.' He knew exactly who he was in the ring and believe it or not; Orange Cassidy is exactly the same."

Do you agree with Le Champion's analogy?

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Published 04 Sep 2020, 10:39 IST
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