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Chris Jericho reveals original WrestleMania 29 plan, details of his phone call with Vince McMahon

The IC title and Vince McMahon.
The IC title and Vince McMahon.
Modified 09 Oct 2020, 07:40 IST

Chris Jericho was recently part of an interactive stage special with Inside The Ropes, and the former WWE Superstar revealed an interesting story about his WrestleMania 29 match against Fandango.

Jericho said that the original plan was for him to take on Ryback at the 29th edition of the 'Show of Shows.' Le Champion was looking forward to the match as Ryback was one of the hottest talents on the roster at that time. Jericho felt that Ryback was so popular that he could have even been in contention to break The Undertaker's Streak.

However, WWE wasn't initiating the angle between Chris Jericho and Ryback, and the AEW Star kept asking the officials about when they intended to begin the build for the feud.

Chris Jericho was told that Vince McMahon wanted to talk to him, and he'd realized that the Ryback angle wasn't going to happen after all.

"The idea when I came back that year was at WrestleMania; I would face Ryback. I thought he was so popular that he could work with Undertaker at a WrestleMania and maybe be the guy to beat the Streak. I knew something was going on because every week, somebody new was getting an angle for WrestleMania, and I kept asking, 'when are we starting the build for Ryback and Jericho?' All I heard was, 'Vince wants to talk to you on his own.' I knew it wasn't going to be Ryback."

Chris Jericho's phone call with Vince McMahon

Chris Jericho had a phone call with Vince McMahon, and he asked the WWE Boss about the company's WrestleMania plans for him. Vince McMahon cracked a joke, and Jericho knew something was wrong.

Vince McMahon wanted Chris Jericho to face Fandango at WrestleMania 29, and the former WWE Champion wasn't too thrilled about the proposal. Jericho pitched the idea of having a match against Wade Barrett, who was the Intercontinental Champion. Chris Jericho was a 9-time IC Champion, and WWE had a readymade storyline focussing on Y2J's record-breaking 10th Championship victory.

Vince McMahon reacted by telling Jericho that nobody cares about the Intercontinental title. Chris Jericho said that the fans probably share the same sentiment about Fandango as well, but Vince McMahon reminded Jericho that it was his job to make people care about Fandango.

It was added that Undertaker eventually told Chris Jericho to go ahead with the Fandango match as the Deadman believed that Vince McMahon would take care of his employees. Chris Jericho received a satisfying payout for putting over Fandango at WrestleMania 29, which was on par with what he got for facing CM Punk at WrestleMania 28.

"I get Vince on the phone and I'm like, 'What am I doing at WrestleMania?' He goes, 'The same thing you do every year, you're going to be looking at the lights pal, haha.' Whenever Vince opens the conversation with a bad joke, you're not going to like what he's going to tell you."
"'What about Wade Barrett? I'm a nine-time Intercontinental Champion; I can go for my record-breaking tenth victory.' He goes, 'Oh, nobody cares about the f****** Intercontinental Championship.' I said, 'But they don't care about Fandango either.' 'That's your job to make them care.' So, I hung up on him," H/t Fightful

WWE has often been targetted for not giving enough spotlight on its mid-card titles. The IC Championship has lost its prestige over the years, and it could very well be due to Vince McMahon backstage opinions.

What do you think? Do you agree with Vince McMahon's opinion of the IC title?

Published 09 Oct 2020, 07:40 IST
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