Chris Jericho told Matt Cardona to get out of WWE years ago

Chris Jericho felt that Zack Ryder was far too good to be a punching bag (Pic Source: WWE)
Chris Jericho felt that Zack Ryder was far too good to be a punching bag (Pic Source: WWE)

Matt Cardona, a.k.a Zack Ryder, was probably one of the most entertaining WWE characters at one point, but never reached the heights he probably should have, for several reasons. AEW star Chris Jericho has always believed that he was an excellent worker and said that he would like to work with him in AEW.

Chris Jericho would love to work with Matt Cardona in AEW

On his Saturday Night Special, Chris Jericho said that Cardona was too creative and talented to be in WWE and told him to leave WWE years ago. He said:

"There comes a point in time when you can't just be a punching bag anymore and he's far too good for that. He looks like a Million bucks, he knows how to work, he's very solid in the ring. He's very creative. He just needs some confidence. He just needs a chance and I'm really excited that Cody and Tony decided to give him a shot and I know I would love to work with him."

Chris Jericho also touched upon the Zack Ryder gimmick and said the formally named Zack Ryder gimmick is dead. He said:

"It's like the first night Hager was in AEW and the crowd started chanting 'We, The People' and I said, that's done. That was a bad idea from bad creative and it's the same with Long Island Iced-Z. The former named, the former ZR, he's dead and buried guys. He's done. This is a whole different thing and we're going to show you how much of a a** kicker Matt Cardona is."

You can watch the segment at 29:50 in the video below


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