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Chris Jericho says WWE treats talent like Carnies; AEW treats them like sports teams

Chris Jericho likes to call it like he sees it (Pic Source: AEW/WWE)
Chris Jericho likes to call it like he sees it (Pic Source: AEW/WWE)
Karan Bedi
Modified 22 Oct 2020, 01:50 IST

Chris Jericho has never been shy to talk about his former employer, WWE. He has praised them on multiple occasions, especially for helping him in his career. However, he has also criticized them repeatedly and put his current employer, AEW over on numerous occasions.

Andrew Yang, who has called out WWE for their "corrupt labor practices," was recently a guest on Talk is Jericho.

Yang spoke of his love of wrestling and how, due to being a lifelong fan, he's interested in helping wrestlers be treated fairly. Yang asked Jericho about his work environment in AEW, and his answer was pretty indicative.

Chris Jericho said has things in AEW that he never got in WWE

Chris Jericho was pretty clear about where WWE was coming from, regarding how they look at the business.

"WWE treats the business like a wrestling business. It's because that's how it's been for 60 years. From Vince's father, and Vince's grand-father. Almost from the old-school carny attitude. And you can see that with the independent contractor, for example. It's not right, but it's just the way it is like I explained."

Chris Jericho then spoke of how AEW's approach comes from a professional sports setting.

"AEW treats things from a sports team perspective. The Khan family owns the Jacksonville Jaguars. They own the Fulham football club in England. So, they treat the company like they treat their football team. And that's a whole different vibe as how the talent, the athletes, the performers get treated right off the bat. Not to get into any specifics but things that I have in AEW, I never had in WWE for 20 years. Even as simple as something as paying your expenses on the road like any team does."

Chris Jericho spoke of how things like driving talent around on a team bus or helping with hotel bookings is what AEW does best. Jericho said that WWE is still stuck in its old ways.

"They still go with, here's your plane ticket. You're flying to Detroit. You're working Detroit, Chicago, Cape Girardeau and St. Louis. So, you rent your car in Detroit, you drop it off in St. Louis. You got to find your hotel rooms. You got to get a car that's got a good rate for the drop off. All this stuff and those are your expenses and your responsibility."


Chris Jericho says that those things rub talent the wrong way, and Andrew Yang seemingly agreed with it.

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Published 22 Oct 2020, 01:50 IST
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