Former WWE star says John Cena may have "shot down" plans to work with him

John Cena has won many WWE Championships in his career (Credit: WWE)
John Cena has won many WWE Championships in his career (Credit: WWE)
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Chris Masters - currently known as Chris Adonis - has voiced his suspicions that John Cena may not have wanted to work with him early on in his WWE career.

In a recent appearance on INSIGHT. with Chris Van Vliet, The Masterpiece explained there may have been plans for him and John Cena to work together in a storyline. However, Masters seems to believe the Leader of the Cenation may have been involved in changing the direction of the plan, eliminating Masters from the equation.

Here's what Masters had to say on the possibility of John Cena not wanting to work with him:

"I know they were considering Cena and me for an angle. I think probably looking back, if anything, I think Cena might have shot that down. I don’t think Cena was too happy working with me around that time."

Chris Masters says experience could have been a factor for John Cena

Chris Masters would go on to say that John Cena's presumed displeasure in facing him could have stemmed from how inexperienced he was in the business. However, he also said he was able to have good matches with Shawn Michaels, meaning the issue could have been more closely related to in-ring chemistry problems, as opposed to anything personal.

"I could have good matches with HBK, but I felt Cena thought he had to lead me. It’s probably because I was new and stuff like that. It was just a little bit more difficult ring chemistry wise. I don’t even know that for sure. But I was working a lot with Shawn Michaels and I was working a lot with John Cena in the house shows. Shawn was an easier match, but how many years experience did he have? As over as John was, we both started at the same time. I think the lack of experience was the big thing.”

Chris Masters was released by WWE in 2007 before being brought back for a second stint in 2009.

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