Christian explains why he can't make WWE in-ring comeback like Edge

Christian said he was never supposed to be a part of the Edge-Randy Orton feud (Image: WWE)
Christian said he was never supposed to be a part of the Edge-Randy Orton feud (Image: WWE)

Former WWE Superstar Christian is not planning to make a dramatic comeback like Edge or Daniel Bryan. Christian had retired from WWE in 2014 after a series of concussions. With Christian's former tag team partner, podcast co-host, and real-life friend Edge returning to WWE after nine years, there has been speculation whether Christian will also make a comeback.

Talking to talkSPORT's Alex McCarthy, Christian explained why he can't make an in-ring comeback like Edge or Daniel Bryan.

"They're different injuries. I just think that there's not enough known yet about concussions and those sorts of things."
"My situation is much different than Daniel Bryan’s. He was, what, in his early 30s when this happened? I was in my 40s, so very different parts of our careers, and I feel like I’m content with what I accomplished."
"I just don’t feel the need to go back and dip my toes in the water at all."

Edge Returned to WWE after 9 years

Edge made a miraculous return at the Royal Rumble earlier this year after a gap of nine years. The Rated-R Superstar was forced to retire due to neck injury and cervical vertebral fusion in April 2011.

"For Edge, he felt the need to go back, and instead of having the end of the story written for him, write it himself. That window he never thought was going to open for him and after almost nine years, it’s pretty much unheard of."


Edge's first feud back in WWE was with Randy Orton. With Orton making the rivalry personal by RKO'ing Edge's wife Beth Phoenix, many fans wondered whether Christian would also get involved. However, Christian said it was never on the cards.

"No, I just think that with the way it played out and with me being on a non-contact list it kind of makes that… you know, you can’t really do that," he said.

Exclusive: Sportskeeda's interview with Christian


Sportskeeda's own Gary Cassidy spoke to Christian recently. In a candid conversation, Christian opened up about his upcoming movie Cagefighter, why he isn't in the WWE Hall of Fame, the return of his best friend Edge, his TNA run, and much more. Check out the full conversation in the video above.

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