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WWE News: Christopher Daniels was originally Undertaker's "Higher Power"

Christopher Daniels was originally supposed to be revealed as the Higher Power

“The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels was supposed to be the Higher Power 

What’s the Story?

During a recent episode of “Something to Wrestle” with Bruce Prichard, he talked about the idea behind the Higher Power, which ended up being Vince McMahon. However, the surprising part was that the original idea was to have Christopher Daniels as the Higher Power. 

“The original idea was Christopher Daniels, then Vince saw him and said, absolutely not.” Prichard said. 

“Vince just didn’t see it. Vince didn’t like his height. Height was the first impressions of Vince looking at him. After Vince saw him he said, nope, not him. We don’t have anything for him.”

In case you didn’t know:

To look back at the Higher Power storyline; The Undertaker had claimed that there was a higher power that was in charge of the Ministry.

During this time period, the Undertaker would always do his best to torture McMahon, even though McMahon was having a battle of his own with Stone Cold Steve Austin. The storyline was unique as it presented Vince McMahon as both a babyface (dealing with Undertaker) and a heel (feuding with Stone Cold).

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When you look back at the storyline, it didn’t make much sense. Everyone who was anticipating a big reveal ended up being Vince himself and the story fell flat. It would have been more appealing to the audience if it were someone such as Christopher Daniels.

He was a fresh face, still a great competitor, and most importantly, a new talent around during the Attitude Era. It also didn’t help The Undertaker’s character, since he ended up giving all of his powers to McMahon. 

The Heart of the Matter:

It’s unfortunate that McMahon didn’t see much in Christopher Daniels. He spent some time in the WWF when he signed a developmental deal back in 1998. He even donned a mask as part of the Los Conquistadores during the Edge & Christian vs Hardy Boyz feud. Later in his career, he even spent a few months in WCW. 

What's Next?

Close to 20 years later, Christopher Daniels is still making his mark in professional wrestling with tag team partner Frankie Kazarian as members of The Addiction. 

Sportskeeda’s Take:

This storyline bothered us for many different reasons. At this time we don’t recall where the rumours started, but I remembered hearing a rumour that Shane Douglas was going to be revealed as the Higher Power.

Regardless of who it was, the ball was definitely dropped because you could have inserted Christopher Daniels or someone else WCW or ECW dropped and that person could have suddenly been at the top feuding with Steve Austin or an opponent of McMahon’s choosing.  

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