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WWE News: CM Punk jokes about returning to Smackdown Live in Chicago

CM Punk sparks interest with a comment about a possible return to WWE.

CM Punk walked out of the company the night after the Royal Rumble 2014

WWE SmackDown Live will be heading to the Allstate Arena in Chicago on December 27. It is a well-known fact that Chicago fans have always been vocal supporters of their fellow Chicago native CM Punk and CM Punk chants are a guarantee when any WWE event takes place in Chicago.

Keeping this fact in view, a fan casually asked Punk on Twitter if he was considering to make his return to the WWE given that SmackDown would be airing from Punk’s hometown of Chicago. CM Punk took to Twitter to answer this query in a sarcastic manner that is characteristic of the ‘Straight Edge Superstar’.

Here is the Twitter exchange:

This conversation has sparked off rumours that Punk might indeed be returning to the company. Social media exploded after this conversation and many fans speculated that Punk was set for a comeback after his unflattering debacle in the UFC.

Of course, we all know that it is a far cry given for Punk to be returning to the WWE given that he is facing a lawsuit by WWE physician Dr. Chris Amann. Moreover, Punk has time and again pointed out that he would never return to the WWE. 

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Punk is still in talks with UFC boss Dana White for another match inside the UFC Octagon. Earlier in September, Punk had a disappointing show in his UFC debut against Mickey Gall where he lost via submission in just over two minutes.

It is correct, however, that Cena will be returning to SmackDown Live in Chicago after a brief hiatus. It is also the last show of the company this year making Cena’s return all the more special.

The episode of SmackDown will certainly reveal plans that the company has for its marquee superstars heading into the new year.  

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