CM Punk reveals what "Wiseman" Paul Heyman told him about leaving WWE; admits he was right

What did the Wiseman foreshadow years ahead of time?
What did Paul Heyman (right) told CM Punk (left) about leaving WWE?

CM Punk had a lot to say in his first promo back on Monday Night RAW. It was the final segment of the night, and he received only 5-6 minutes but made the most of it in an impactful return.

During the final segment of RAW, CM Punk had a lot to say. He expressed that he was home. He seemingly took a shot at AEW and Seth Rollins by stating that everyone was happy about his return except for a couple of people who were afraid that he sets the bar too high, and he also sent a message from his wife, AJ Lee, who gave her regards to the WWE Universe.

However, what the Second City Saint revealed about a conversation he had with the "Wiseman" Paul Heyman, presumably many years ago, was the most interesting part of his promo. Heyman told him that for him to get everything he needed out of WWE, he needed to leave and come back. Punk admitted that Heyman was right.

For newer fans who are not aware, CM Punk has a long-time relationship and history with Paul Heyman. Before he became the established multi-time World Champion in his first WWE run, it was Heyman who was his biggest backstage advocate.

This would translate into an on-screen partnership as well for a time, with the two parting ways in the summer of 2013 when Heyman chose Brock Lesnar instead, leading to an unforgettable SummerSlam classic between The Beast Incarnate and Punk.

Heyman and CM Punk have seemingly remained friends since then, but Wiseman's words remain prophetic in a big way.

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