Cody Rhodes forces former Intercontinental Champion to retreat to kick off RAW

Cody and Miz will battle on RAW
Cody and Miz will battle on RAW

Cody Rhodes and The Miz kicked off the latest edition of Monday Night RAW with a Miz TV segment that saw the A-Lister retreat.

The two men, who are scheduled to go one-on-one against each other later in the night, kicked off the show with a Miz TV interview segment and let loose on each other with some sharp words. During the promo, The Miz spoke about the Mysterio family and Logan Paul before mocking the length of Cody's entrance when The American Nightmare reached the ring.

The two then went back and forth, with Cody Rhodes calling The Miz a 'carney' and referring to him as 'reliable Mike' for towing the WWE company line so ardently. The American Nightmare also told The A-Lister that he hasn't changed in six years. Cody also dropped a number terms like 'belt' and 'wrestler' but was corrected to 'championship title' and 'superstar' by The Miz.

The Miz retaliated by mocking Cody for his secretive behavior prior to his WrestleMania comeback and berated The Grandson of a Plumber for getting more media attention than him. He also told Cody that without his family, he would be nothing.

The end of the segment saw The Miz trying to attack Rhodes as the latter ducked and sent Miz outside. The A-Lister then retreated and went backstage.

TONIGHT at 9pm ET@USA_Network@CodyRhodes competes on #WWERaw for the first time in six years against @mikethemiz!

The Miz told Cody Rhodes that Seth Rollins was looking for a WrestleMania rematch

During the Miz TV segment, the former two-time WWE Champion told The American Nightmare that his WrestleMania opponent Seth Rollins was looking for a rematch.

The Miz then added that, with time to prepare for Cody, Seth Rollins would make short work of the Grandson of a Plumber.

Cody Rhodes responded by saying he would welcome the rematch out of respect for Rollins. It remains to be seen whether The American Nightmare and The Visionary will go against each other one more time in the weeks to come.

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