"That’s what I do and I will always do" - Cody Rhodes on how he wants to be presented in WWE

Cody Rhodes has been getting a lot of momentum in WWE.
Cody Rhodes has been getting a lot of momentum in WWE.

Cody Rhodes has shared that he wants to continue giving fans the best of himself in WWE.

After a six-year absence, The American Nightmare returned to the company at WrestleMania 38 last month, and he's already at the top of the card. He's currently involved in a storyline with former WWE Champion Seth Rollins on Monday Night RAW.

Speaking to Sports Illustrated recently, Cody Rhodes stated that he wants to continuously be the best version of himself and put on quality matches in WWE.

“Think back to when I wrestled Kurt Angle in NEW in a steel cage match. I did a moonsault off the top of a very rickety cage. I treated that like it was WrestleMania. That’s what I do and I will always do. I’m not the type that less is more. WWE has accommodated their meet-and-greet schedule because of me. The press conference at WrestleMania. I want that to continue on nights I win and nights I don’t. People are getting everything I have and more. I’m paid pretty damn well. I should deliver.”
Ever since returning to the company at ‘WrestleMania 38’ last month, Cody Rhodes (@CodyRhodes) has made it clear that he is driven solely by the pursuit of the @WWE championship. But to get there, he'll have to knock off Roman Reigns...

Cody Rhodes opens up about his match with Theory

Last week on RAW, The American Nightmare collided with Theory for the United States Championship. However, Seth Rollins interrupted the match, costing Rhodes an opportunity at the gold.

During the same Sports Illustrated interview, Cody opened up about facing the 24-year-old, stating that he noticed some similarities between his younger self and Theory.

“Watching him in the ring made me think back to a time when I was really young and full of arrogance and bravado. I also saw a little doubt in his eyes. That’s what makes this game so fun. He may not admit it, but I was there on the other side, too, and I felt that. It’s a good edge for me to have now in the ring.”

On the latest edition of RAW, Cody Rhodes challenged Seth Rollins to a Hell in a Cell match. The Visionary accepted the challenge, and the bout was later made official. The match will occur at next month's eponymous premium live event and is projected to be the last chapter in their rivalry.

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