Controversial promo divided the men's locker room, fired WWE star says

Male WWE stars change in the same locker room
Male WWE stars change in the same locker room

Brad Maddox recently recalled how the men's locker room once debated whether the word "pr*ck" is suitable for WWE audiences.

In 2015, Maddox referred to fans as "cocky pr*cks" during an untelevised promo. He later found out that WWE Executive Chairman Vince McMahon found the term offensive, which led to him being fired.

In an interview on Wrestling with Rip Rogers, Maddox said his fellow wrestlers were unsure whether his promo crossed a line:

"I remember all the boys were split on whether or not I could say the words 'cocky' or 'pr*cks' or those combinations together (…) I hadn't planned it because I didn't think anything of it, and the locker room was kinda split. I was a little surprised that they were split about it." [3:20 – 3:48]

Maddox did not think he said anything wrong during the promo. The word "pr*ck" is not generally considered a swear word, but it is widely viewed as distasteful.

How Brad Maddox lost his job in WWE

The former RAW General Manager cut the promo before losing to R-Truth in a dark match at the November 24, 2015, taping of Main Event.

The following day, he received word from former WWE Senior Director of Talent Relations Mark Carrano about his firing:

"It did feel weird in retrospect because Carrano called me the next day," Maddox continued. "He didn't tell me I was fired [immediately after the match] – he called me the next day to confirm that I was fired. That was Thanksgiving, I believe, and it felt weird knowing that I had gone ahead and had an entire match while being technically fired." [7:28 – 7:47]

In the same interview, Maddox revealed that Vince McMahon refused to talk to him after his controversial promo.

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