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Could Roman Reigns be the leader of RETRIBUTION?

Roman Reigns and RETRIBUTION.
Roman Reigns and RETRIBUTION.
Modified 25 Aug 2020, 11:49 IST

The first episode of Legion of RAW with Chris Featherstone and Road Warrior Animal provided an incredibly insightful breakdown of the RAW after SummerSlam. Amongst all the angles and matches from RAW that were covered on the preview show by the legendary Road Warrior Animal, the topic of RETRIBUTION was one of the most interesting of the lot.

As you may have seen on RAW, RETRIBUTION ended the episode by attacking Dominik and Rey Mysterio. The identity of the members of the faction, however, has not been revealed.

Road Warrior Animal explained on Legion of RAW that the timing of introducing a stable like RETRIBUTION isn't right.

Animal felt that considering all that's happening currently in our society, a faction like RETRIBUTION could rub people the wrong way. Here's Warrior's explanation:

"If you think about it, I don't want to get all real political about it, just keeping it on an even keel. With what's going on as a society today, in Portland and a lot of other major cities, people are dying; businesses are getting destroyed, looted. People are just not acting normal. I just think even having anything like a RETRIBUTION come in there is wrong. We don't need it. The timing is not right. We don't need that in our business. What we need is something to be healing in our society and our business and everybody."
"I don't know man, what they are doing is too much of the crap that's going on in our cities and soceity. I mean, I sit there and think about it. How would I someone did that to my business and broke in there and destroyed everything, especially if I was an immigrant coming over from Korea or somewhere?"

Roman Reigns as the leader of RETRIBUTION?


Road Warrior Animal also had few amazing ideas with regards to RETRIBUTION and the long-awaited payoff for the faction. The WWE Hall of Famer said that Roman Reigns could be unveiled as the mastermind/ leader of the stable.

"If they, out of the blue, came up with another faction that cleaned house on RETRIBUTION, maybe the payoff could be great, but who is going to be the main brainchild behind RETRIBUTION?
Maybe Roman Reigns is going to be the big payoff with RETRIBUTION."

Roman Reigns returned at SummerSlam, and the Big Dog is currently scheduled for a huge Universal title match at Payback. WWE is saving up the big payoff angle for RETRIBUTION, and there is still a possibility of seeing Roman Reigns being revealed as the man behind the rebellious new group in the WWE.

A report from revealed that Vince McMahon wants Roman Reigns to have an edge to him, and the new and improved Big Dog could very well make an excellent leader of RETRIBUTION. WWE's latest faction also needs a big-name leader to enhance its credibility, and there isn't a more prominent name than Roman Reigns form the active roster.

If any quotes from this interview are used, please add an H/T to Sportskeeda Wrestling.

Published 25 Aug 2020, 11:49 IST
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