Current AEW star questions whether female WWE legend purposefully sabotaged Triple H's match

Triple H and WWE legend questioned for the Last Man Standing match
Triple H and WWE legend questioned for the Last Man Standing match

Former AEW World Champion Chris Jericho wonders if late WWE legend Chyna purposely sabotaged his Last Man Standing match against Triple H.

Chris Jericho and Triple H went head-to-head in an intense clash at Fully Loaded PPV in 2000. However, the current ROH World Champion and WWE Chief Content Officer didn't get along then because of real animosity.

While speaking on the Talk is Jericho podcast, the AEW star questioned whether the late Chyna deliberately wrecked an announcement table that was supposed to be used in the finish for the Last Man Standing match.

"There was a big sign in Guerilla position that said: Stay away from the Spanish announce table. The producers said it. The agents said it. Everybody said it. There's a sign in Guerilla, stay away, and the match before us was Chyna versus Perry Saturn, and guess what Chyna did not do? She did not stay away. They hit this table and collapsed it, and something in my head says that maybe she might have done that on purpose because it was her ex-boyfriend that was in the next match. Maybe, I don't know," Chris Jericho said. [4:21 - 4:58]

You can watch the video below:


Triple H stole the ending of the Last Man Standing match

During the same conversation, the Ring of Honor World Champion revealed that in the aftermath of Chyna destroying the announcer's table, he and The Game had five minutes to come up with a new finish.

Chris Jericho described how the two superstars were initially supposed to be in a belly-to-back suplex through the Spanish table. But Jericho and The Game fell from the dashboard and landed on the second announce table occupied by Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross.

"We finally did the finish. We land on the table, and both guys are out. The crowd is going bananas because they just know that Chris Jericho is going to get up, right one second before Triple H does," he added. [5:28 - 5:40]

As expected by the WWE Universe, Le Champion would have answered the 10th count to win the Last Man Standing match. However, The Game responded to the 10th count to defeat Jericho.

Do you think Chyna purposely sabotaged the announcement table to put Triple H over Chris Jericho? Sound off in the comment section below.

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