Current champion tries to get into a physical fight with Michael Cole; Corey Graves forced to interfere

The voice of WWE was livid with what happened
The voice of WWE was livid with what happened

Michael Cole is quite vocal about the people he likes and dislikes, as is Corey Graves. But at King and Queen of the Ring, a current champion looked to get into a physical fight with Cole, forcing Corey Graves to intervene.

It all took place in the main event of King and Queen of the Ring. Ahead of the premium live event, Logan Paul handed one of his brass knuckles to Michael Cole and claimed that he would defeat Cody Rhodes cleanly. Cole had it on him during the main event but was infuriated when Paul managed to pull out yet another brass knuckle.

After hitting Cody Rhodes with the brass knuckles, Michael Cole was loud when criticizing Logan Paul, who started going up to his face. Cole said that The Maverick was nothing but a loser, and Corey Graves had to step in to prevent the current United States Champion from assaulting the voice of WWE:

Cole would go on to admit that despite all his words about Logan Paul, he admired his abilities as a wrestler. Ultimately, Paul's numerous attempts at cheating backfired on him, when the special ring announcer for the match, Ibrahim Al Hajjaj, held his legs, allowing Cody to pick up the win.

It was an unfortunately underwhelming finish, but Logan Paul certainly impressed as always.

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