"Because of our friendship" - Current WWE personality wants Vince McMahon to induct him into the Hall of Fame

McMahon announced his WWE retirement earlier this year.
McMahon announced his WWE retirement earlier this year.

Bruce Prichard has revealed that he would like Vince McMahon to induct him into the WWE Hall of Fame.

The long-time WWE executive opened up on the Hall of Fame topic on his podcast this week and humbly admitted that he doesn't expect himself to get the massive honor.

In addition to his contributions behind the scenes, Prichard was a great manager and appeared as an on-screen character under the 'Brother Love' moniker for WWE. Prichard might have his fair share of detractors in the wrestling business, but many believe he deserves to be a WWE Hall of Famer.

While speaking on a special edition of Ask Bruce Questions and S***, the WWE personality explained why he wanted Vince McMahon to induct him into the Hall of Fame:

"Wow, that's a loaded question because there is, you know, selfishly, but at the same time, you have to look at it. First of all, I never think I'm going in the Hall of Fame, but if I were, and if I were to pick. There is a handful of people that I want to do it. You know, Vince (McMahon), because of our friendship and just everything that we've been through. I would not be here if not for him." [17:50 - 18:23]

Bruce Prichard on who else could induct him into the WWE Hall of Fame apart from Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon is no longer an active member of WWE as the former CEO announced his retirement nearly three months back.

McMahon was forced to step away from all his roles after the Wall Street Journal's damning reports about his sexual misdeeds threatened to impact WWE's future negatively.

There is no guarantee that McMahon will be able to make it to a Hall of Fame ceremony. In such a scenario, Prichard mentioned a few other names who could take up the responsibility of inducting him on his big night.

But, on the other side of things, I would look at John Layfield (JBL), Jerry Brisco (Gerald Brisco), my older brother (Tom Prichard), and Undertaker," Prichard added. [18:24 - 18:36]

Should Bruce Prichard, aka Brother Love, be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame? Sound off in the comments section below.

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