D-Von Dudley reacts to rumors of his real-life rift with Bubba Ray Dudley

D-Von and Bubba Ray Dudley, aka The Dudley Boyz.
D-Von and Bubba Ray Dudley, aka The Dudley Boyz

D-Von Dudley has finally commented on his present-day relationship with Bubba Ray Dudley and confirmed they are still on good terms.

Rumors of a rift between the two began doing the rounds after D-Von Dudley revealed last year that he "no longer did business" with his long-time tag team partner.

D-Von squashed all the rumors and noted that he and Bubba never had any real-life heat, to begin with, as they had just decided to take a break after working together for more than 20 years. The WWE Hall of Famers won championships wherever they went, and D-Von admitted that he spent more time with Bubba than anyone else in his life during the peak of their careers.

The WWE producer even explained why Dudley Boyz briefly went their separate ways, as you can view below on The A2theK Wrestling Show:

"Actually, we just spoke yesterday about another autograph signing we're going to do together. A lot of people thought that me and Bubba were at odds, and we weren't at odds. It was just that he and I needed a break. He and I were together for 20 years," D-Von Dudley said. "I saw him more than I saw my first two wives, which wasn't a bad idea, trust me! Sometimes, you just need a break. And that's what we did. We took a break, and now we're reunited again." [35:12 - 35:44]

As revealed by D-Von, the Dudley Boyz are back together and will appear at several autograph-signing events and wrestling conventions in the near future.

The former WWE Tag Team Champion eagerly awaited accompanying Bubba Ray Dudley again and promised to dish out their greatest hits while interacting with the fans.

"It's like Kiss putting up the make-up again and going back on stage again," added D-Von. "We're going to do all the hits that you want to do, but we're going to do it from an autograph signing standpoint." [35:45 - 35:53]

"I'll get into the ring, but I'm not taking any bumps" - D-Von Dudley on his wrestling future

D-Von Dudley has no intentions of resuming his in-ring career, but the 50-year-old legend wouldn't mind backing up Bubba Ray Dudley during the latter's matches. Bubba is astonishingly still a semi-active competitor, and D-Von admitted that he is willing to step into the fray if the promoters wished for it to happen.

While D-Von Dudley wouldn't shy away from throwing a few punches, the TNA and WWE Hall of Famer noted that he still wasn't ready to take any bumps in the ring. D-Von continued:

"And if I have to be on the outside walking him down the aisle, help him throw a punch here and there, I can. I can do that. I've told the promoters who were bringing us to do this stuff. Bubba would be the main guy wrestling in the ring, and I'd be the one on the outside tripping and doing everything D-Von can do on the outside. And if I've got to get into the ring, I'll get into the ring, but I'm not taking any bumps." [35:54 - 36:35]

While he is retired from active competition, it will be interesting to see what role D-Von might play in his former tag team partner's future matches.

Where would you rank Dudley Boyz amongst the greatest tag teams of all time? Sound off in the comments section below.

While using the quote from this article, please credit 'The A2theK Wrestling Show' and give a H/T to Sportskeeda Wrestling for the transcription.

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