Dan Severn threatened to go 'off-script' at WWE Royal Rumble to possibly get WCW payday (Exclusive)

The Original Beast was going to embarrass WWE (Pic Source: WWE)
The Original Beast was going to embarrass WWE (Pic Source: WWE)

WWE may dub Brock Lesnar as The Beast, but that nickname belonged to one Dan Severn. One of the earliest UFC Champions and alongside Ken Shamrock, Severn, paved the way for other MMA fighters to succeed in WWE. This includes Ronda Rousey, Matt Riddle, Shayna Bazler, and others.

Dan Severn was one of the first to have won a UFC title, and he wore it on WWE RAW during the Attitude Era. While Dan's tenure in WWE was a short one, he was involved in storylines involving Ken Shamrock and Owen Hart.

WWE didn't have much for him to do, but they did pitch him to be The Undertaker's disciple and draw 666 on his forehead to signify the 'Mark of the Beast.' Severn was opposed to this due to people who might be offended by this and take it on him and his family. The road agents that pitched it then threatened to make him lose when Dan Severn retaliated with his threat.

Dan Severn would have contacted WCW and told them to watch WWE when he turned 'fantasy into reality'

Severn didn't take kindly to the road agents threats and said that none of their so-called stars would hold a candlestick to him. Severn then revealed that he would have found a way for WCW to get involved as the Royal Rumble was coming up. He said:

"WWE didn't know about any of this. But it crossed my mind. Because I had already met with Eric Bischoff and Ted Turner. What if I contact Eric Bischoff and Ted Turner and go, 'Hey fellas, what's it worth to you guys when it's time for me to exit the ring at The Royal Rumble, I go a little bit off-script. And I start turning fantasy into reality. They're gonna feed me a fresh guy every two minutes and eventually, they'll get me out of that ring, but they haven't got me out of that arena. How much havoc could I have done to disrupt their storyline and stuff like that, I could have probably made a pretty cool payday that night."


Of course, Dan Severn never followed through with his threat, but it would have been a moment that would have gone down in WWE History.

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