Daniel Bryan heaps praise for rival promotion

Daniel Bryan has high praise for one major promotion
Daniel Bryan has high praise for one major promotion
Nithin Joseph

Daniel Bryan was recently asked what is important for the next generation of professional wrestlers. The former WWE Champion suggested that fundamentals are key and said that one promotion that he believes teaches them really well are NJPW.

Robbie Fox recently spoke to the Leader of the Yes Movement on his YouTube channel, My Mom's Basement with Robbie Fox. He asked Bryan what advice he had for young professional wrestlers. It was here that Bryan said fundamentals are far more important than learning a cool move.

"I think the main thing would be focus on the fundamentals, and try to work your storytelling around fundamentals. So I think a lot of fundamentals, then you can add a cool move. It doesn't take long to learn a cool move," said Daniel Bryan.

Using Chad Gable as an example, Bryan showered praise on NJPW for sticking to the fundamentals and teaching their rookies the basics.

"Say Chad Gable sees a move and says, "I need a cool move!". He's never once come up to me and said that," Bryan added. "Okay, I'll find him a cool move, and he can learn that cool move in under five minutes. It's learning how and when to use the cool move. So, I think one of the things that New Japan has really excelled at, is they put there rookies in a lot of matches where they're not allowed to do anything but basics. So when they do a Boston Crab, they have to learn where to put a Boston Crab to make a crowd care. That sort of thing. That used to be part of the fundamentals of wrestling."

What's next for Daniel Bryan?

Daniel Bryan's contract is almost up and he has made it known that he is interested in working with other promotions while also wrestling for WWE. This would be the best time for him to do it as well, especially considering the collaborations between other promotions.

If Bryan does decide to wrestle outside WWE, there will be no shortage of wrestling promoters waiting to sign him up.

Where do you think Daniel Bryan should go if he does decide to leave WWE? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

Edited by Amar Anand

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