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WWE News: Daniel Bryan on who he would like to see inducted into the Hall Of Fame

Daniel Bryan reveals who he feels should be inducted into the Hall Of Fame next year.

Daniel Bryan with William Regal and The Brian Kendrick

In an interview with Ringside Collectibles, Daniel Bryan was asked about a possible Hall Of Fame induction, and Bryan said that if it did become a reality, he would want William Regal to induct him into the Hall Of Fame. When asked about who he would like to see inducted into the upcoming Hall Of Fame next year, he said:

"William Regal. He's been my mentor since I was 19-years-old, he has helped me more than just about anybody. So him and my second choice would be Kane.

Kane and I are close and if it wasn't for my tag team with Kane then I would never have gotten that Wrestlemania moment because that's what really endeared me to the fans.”

Some of the rumoured names for the 2017 Hall Of Fame include Goldberg, Mickie James, and Diamond Dallas Page.

After Bryan’s retirement earlier this year in February, the common thought was that Daniel Bryan would headline the 2017 Hall Of Fame, similar to how Edge headlined the 2012 Hall Of Fame after his forced retirement in 2011. However, William Regal and Kane are still guaranteed future Hall Of Famers.

While WWE loves to mention that Daniel Bryan trained under Shawn Michaels, not enough emphasis is given on just how much Regal influenced Bryan. Many argue that Bryan’s wrestling style had far more Regal’s influence than Michaels’.

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For the past two years, William Regal has been sharing his wealth of knowledge in the Performance Center with the upcoming developmental talent and has been playing the role of on-screen NXT General Manager. His 17-year overall tenure with WWE will certainly see him inducted into the Hall Of Fame sooner rather than later.

Kane seems to be closing in on retirement after 21 years with the company as well. He is the longest-tenured full-time veteran with the company alongside Mark Henry. He has just recently started to appear on television more frequently after multiple on-and-off appearances between Survivor Series last year and the draft this year.

It is not known when he is going to retire, but him, the Big Show, and Mark Henry have lately switched to increasingly PR oriented roles within the company. The day he does hang up his boots, however, a Hall Of Fame induction will be waiting for The Big Red Machine. 

Would you like to see William Regal and Kane inducted into the 2017 Hall Of Fame?

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