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WWE News: Dean Ambrose nearly took a nasty fall after SmackDown LIVE

Ambrose narrowly avoids a nasty fall.

News 16 Mar 2017, 04:53 IST
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What’s the story? 

WWE Superstars risk life and limb four or five nights out of the week to perform in front of the fans, but it’s a risk they take knowingly. Their athletic ability as professional wrestlers allows these men and women to do truly awe-inspiring things inside the squared circle.  

However, accidents do happen in professional wrestling, including performers being injured during seemingly routine tasks that wouldn’t take a great deal of athletic ability. Dean Ambrose, according to reports, was mere seconds away from possibly suffering such an injury last night after the SmackDown LIVE tapings.

In case you didn’t know...

Dean Ambrose has been the WWE’s workhorse for the past few years.  

According to statistics from, Ambrose wrestled more matches than anyone in the world in 2015 (218 matches) and in 2016 (204 matches). As of today, he’s currently tied for fifth on the year-long list, having wrestled in 35 matches since January 1.

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The current Intercontinental Champion is notorious for working while being physically hurt, having recently stated that he’s always hurt.

The heart of the matter

Ambrose was held off of SmackDown LIVE this week to play up the “injuries,” that he had sustained as a result of Baron Corbin’s violent attack last week. Ambrose was still at the PPG Paints Arena last night for the tapings and was a part of the dark match main event after SmackDown LIVE went off the air.

The dark match after this week’s SmackDown LIVE was Baron Corbin vs. Dean Ambrose for the Intercontinental Championship. Ambrose retained, of course, and everything went off in a seemingly harmless match.

Then, it was time for Ambrose to pose on the middle rope while playing to the crowd, that’s where his slip happened. 

A video of the incident is as follows:

As seen above, the middle rope looked like it would give out as Ambrose was standing on it.  Ambrose quickly jumped off of the rope, then playfully kicked it in frustration before crossing himself mockingly.  

What’s next? 

Baron Corbin challenged Dean Ambrose to a WrestleMania match on this week’s episode of SmackDown LIVE. We will have to see if Ambrose accepts the challenge on next week’s show.

Author’s take

That looked like it was a scary situation for Ambrose.  Thankfully, he didn’t suffer any injuries due to his quick reflexes.  

Though the result of a fall from that height likely wouldn’t have done anything more than embarrassing Ambrose, you never know what can happen in that kind of situation.

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