Diamond Dallas Page "surprised" WWE released 15-year veteran, calls for Tony Khan to make a move (Exclusive)

Diamond Dallas Page (left); Tony Khan (right)
Diamond Dallas Page (left); Tony Khan (right)
Rohit Nath

Tony Khan has a lot of signings to make and pass up. The releases from WWE have opened the door for AEW to sign so much talent that some now consider their roster to be the most stacked in all of professional wrestling. WWE Hall of Famer Diamond Dallas Page wants Khan to add one more high-profile signing to the list.

Khan has even received criticism from some for the amount of talent he's signed in one go. It has resulted in a slightly bloated roster on the men's side, with AEW taking a different approach from WWE. Rather than releasing superstars, Khan lets their contracts run out and opts not to renew their deals.

One of the most surprising releases from WWE recently was 15-year veteran Dakota Kai. While many, including DDP, feel she was main roster material, Kai was let go during the latest cuts. On the latest episode of The Bro Show, Diamond Dallas Page praised Kai and said that Tony Khan needs to sign her to AEW:

"I was surprised they got rid of Dakota [Kai]. She's good-looking, her work is really good, I was expecting to see her up there, but she never got that shot. If I was Tony Khan, I'd pick her a** up. They have some good talent there with the women now. WWE's women's talent is off the charts. Most of the girls are better than the guys. If I was Tony, I'd pick her up. But it's a different world now bro." (from 3:00 to 3:46)

Soon after Kai's release, a rumor started that she wasn't viewed as main roster material despite multiple trials.

You can watch the full episode of The Bro Show below:


Tony Khan's women's division is finally shaping up

While Tony Khan might be skeptical about signing more male superstars, Dakota Kai would make the perfect addition to the AEW women's roster.

The roster is growing in size, and things are slowly shaping up how fans envisioned. From the early going, Khan and AEW were criticized for lacking depth in the women's division.

.@SerenaDeeb is set to face off against @thunderrosa22 at #AEWDON for the AEW Women's World Championship. LET'S GO #AEWDynamite

However, AEW uses a perfect formula of mixing in young, green talent and experienced veterans (such as Serena Deeb) while also having women in the prime of their careers (such as Dr. Britt Baker).

Kai represents an experienced veteran, and her style and overall profile will be perfectly suited to AEW.

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