Dolph Ziggler offers Big E his WWE Money in the Bank cash-in advice

Dolph Ziggler in 2012 (left); Big E in 2021 (right)
Dolph Ziggler in 2012 (left); Big E in 2021 (right)

Dolph Ziggler believes Big E should have a say in his own WWE storylines after winning the 2021 Money in the Bank briefcase.

In 2012, Ziggler joined forces with AJ Lee and Big E midway through his nine-month reign as Mr. Money in the Bank. The WWE veteran went on to successfully cash in his contract on Alberto Del Rio during the post-WrestleMania 29 episode of RAW, winning the World Heavyweight Championship as a result.

Speaking to Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Rick Ucchino, Ziggler said Big E will likely be presented with lots of new storyline ideas following his MITB victory.

“There’s gonna be 10 chefs over the pot every day, and then there’s gonna be 100 chefs over the pot every day after this week, and you have to fight through it,” Ziggler said. “He’s been around enough and he’s seen enough bitterness from me of like, ‘Hey, man, this is how it goes, this is what you’ve gotta do.’ At the end of the day, you have to make a decision for yourself. When there’s 20 veterans or the boss [Vince McMahon] telling you this is the way to go and it just doesn’t feel right, you might have to make a move [and speak up].”


Watch the video above to find out more of Dolph Ziggler’s thoughts on Big E’s Money in the Bank win. He also discussed his tag team partnership with Robert Roode, his own Money in the Bank cash-in, and much more.

Dolph Ziggler’s ideal scenario for Big E’s MITB reign

Big E has never challenged for a WWE World Championship
Big E has never challenged for a WWE World Championship

Nikki A.S.H. cashed in her Money in the Bank contract one day after the pay-per-view to win the RAW Women’s Championship from Charlotte Flair.

Dolph Ziggler, whose own Money in the Bank reign lasted 267 days, hopes Big E bides his time before cashing in his contract.

“God, I hope it’s 10 frigging months and he becomes a 10th version of himself that we know he can do,” Ziggler added. “Then you become the main-event player, then you become the John Cena, then you become the guy that when you are on the marquee, more people come. I think that can happen and I’m rooting for it to [happen].”

Big E is allowed to challenge for either the WWE Championship or Universal Championship at a time of his choosing. Bobby Lashley currently holds the WWE Championship, while Roman Reigns is the Universal Champion.

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