Dominik Mysterio is WWE's MVP according to Hall of Famer

Dominik Mysterio holding his a top heel in WWE
Dominik Mysterio is a top heel in WWE

A WWE Hall of Famer recently called NXT North American Champion Dominik Mysterio, the MVP of the Stamford-based company. The name in question is Shawn Michaels.

Dominik Mysterio is arguably one of the breakout stars of 2023. The 26-year-old has shown great promise since turning heel. He started receiving praise for his character work after joining The Judgment Day. But he is now getting equally impressive in the ring as well. Mysterio has been putting on some outstanding matches on the main roster and NXT as well.

Shawn Michaels recently appeared on Cheap Heat to talk to Rosenberg. The former world champion talked about many things, including NXT Deadline, his reaction to CM Punk's return, and more. During the conversation, The NXT's Head of Creative appreciated Dominik Mysterio for his hard work and deemed him the current MVP of the company.

"To me, Dominik Mysterio is the MVP of WWE this year. Every time he comes here, I look at him as the hardest-working man in show business. He has just been an iron man for us. And again, I can't speak to what he does on the main roster. But he has just done everything we have asked of him. He's done it professionally. He has done it admirably. Done to the best of his ability," Shawn Michaels said. [From 19:02 to 19:30]

You can check the entire interview below:


WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels appreciates Dominik Mysterio for his professionalism

During the same interview, the former DX member revealed that he admires the former WWE Tag Team Champion. He praised 'Dirty' Dominik for his professionalism.

Shawn Michaels further stated that he keeps telling WWE Hall of Famer Rey Mysterio that he has raised a wonderful young man in Dominik.

"It's hard for me not to admire the young man who's worked so hard for us. Technically, I guess it's early, and he's young. He's got a great opportunity. I have seen other people with less get a lot chirpier and be a lot more difficult to deal with professionally. He has just been a joy more so than anything else. I appreciate that, and I tell Rey every time I see him, 'He is a great performer and everything else. But, you've raised a wonderful young man there.' And I hope that means a lot to him because he really is. I admire him, a great deal as a young man," HBK said.

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