"It sucks more when it's a friend" - Drew McIntyre comments on Cesaro's WWE departure

The Swiss Superman and Scottish Warrior
The Swiss Superman and Scottish Warrior
Israel Lutete

WWE SmackDown Superstar Drew McIntyre has commented on Cesaro's departure, stating that it's a shame he's no longer with the company.

The Swiss Cyborg reportedly parted ways with WWE after the two parties couldn't come to terms on a new deal. Cesaro and McIntyre have been vocal about wanting to face each other, as they've never collided in a singles match before.

During a recent interview with the In The Kliq podcast, McIntyre shared that he was looking forward to facing The Swiss Cyborg for the first time. For this reason, he was disappointed to see the popular star leave the company. But McIntyre stated that he believes that the bout will eventually happen, and he thinks the former United States Champion will be "just fine."

"That's a shame," said McIntyre. "So many people come and go from the company, I'm one of them, and we always see each other down the line, but it sucks more when it's a friend and somebody that you really want to wrestle. That was my number one match, I think it was his number one match. We've both and wrestling for 20 years, but never had a singles match. So we're gonna be a bit longer, it'll happen eventually."

McIntyre also noted that The Swiss Cyborg recently had a child before he emphasized that the former SmackDown star is very talented.

"But, you know, he's got his family, he's got his new kid, and he's going to be just fine," McIntyre continued. "He is far too talented not to be." (H/T Fightful)
The two sides weren't able to reach to an agreement, leading to The Swiss Superman's departure. #Cesaro @WWECesaro #WWE

Cesaro and Drew McIntyre could have put on a great match in WWE

The two competitors are among the greatest European stars who have ever competed in WWE. The Scottish Warrior has won the Royal Rumble and held the WWE Championship. Meanwhile, Cesaro is the inaugural Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal winner, among other accolades.

๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”@WWECesaro has a couple of intriguing thoughts after watching @DMcIntyreWWE battle @WWESheamus on #SmackDown.

Both men are renowned for their in-ring skills, so it's fair to assume they could have had a great match. For now, fans will have to hope that Cesaro will return to WWE someday in the future so he can finally share the ring with McIntyre.

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