Drew McIntyre reveals why CM Punk hates him

Drew McIntyre (left), and CM Punk (right). [Image credits: Drew
Drew McIntyre (left), and CM Punk (right) [Image credits: McIntyre's X/Twitter and wwe.com]

WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre recently shed light on the potential reason why CM Punk hates him. The two have been feuding since the start of the year but have yet to settle their differences inside the squared circle.

Currently, The Second City Saint is away from in-ring action because he is recovering from an injury. Meanwhile, WWE is gearing up for McIntyre vs. Damian Priest for the World Heavyweight Title at Clash at the Castle 2024.

During a recent interview with Cultaholic Wrestling, The Scottish Warrior mentioned that he had some similarities to CM Punk of the past. The 39-year-old star believed that Punk was ki**ing WWE bosses' bu**s to justify his lucrative contract.

"He's just very good at putting on an act. But he was, you know, anti-establishment. He did speak his mind even if people didn't always agree with him or believe him, it was his truth. And he always marched to the beat of his own drum and spoke his truth. But now that's not the case. He is the corporate shill, is always in the suit. Always trying to do whatever he can do to make the bosses happy and kiss their bu**s and make sure he can justify that big contract," he said.

Drew McIntyre also asserted that The Second City Saint despised him because he was a bigger star than the latter.

"Well, Drew McIntyre is saying exactly how he feels, marching to the beat of his drum. Doing what I know is right for, not just myself, but for the company and I'm being a good person while I do it. And the thing that he hates most probably about me is that I am more CM Punk than CM Punk." (H/T: Cultaholic)

Judgment Day member laid out Drew McIntyre on WWE RAW

On this week's edition of Monday Night RAW, Priest faced WWE Hall of Famer Rey Mysterio in a singles match. The Archer of Infamy secured a big win over The Master of the 619.

After the match, The Scottish Warrior blindsided the World Heavyweight Champion while the latter was celebrating his win. He also took out Finn Balor, Carlito, and JD McDonagh.


Drew McIntyre eventually cleared the announcer's desk and got in Michael Cole's face after the latter called him a "hypocrite." This led to Damian Priest delivering a chokeslam to The Scottish Warrior through the table.