Drew McIntyre talks about creating history by becoming the first-ever WWE Champion who was born in Britain

Drew McIntyre
Drew McIntyre
Modified 19 Jul 2020

Drew McIntyre created history by becoming the first British-born WWE Champion in history. WWE has had many top Superstars who hailed from Britain, however, none of them could reach the top by becoming WWE Champion.

Talking to Booker T on his podcast Reality of Wrestling, The Scottish Psychopath talked about what becoming the first British WWE Champion means to him. He also talked about which former Brtish WWE Superstars could have become the WWE Champion before him.

One of the most iconic English Superstars in WWE was British Bulldog. Drew McIntyre admitted that he was surprised that Bulldog never managed to win the big title. He also talked about William Regal and Wade Barrett as men who could have created history by becoming WWE Champions but did not.

“Yeah, it felt incredible. It was a dream of mine when I first came to America. I was just surprised that no Brit had ever won the title before especially the Bulldog. Regal was on a bit of a run and never quite pulled it off. Wade Barrett was on a run with the Nexus, I thought he’d do it and I’d have been happy for him but never pulled it off.”

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Drew McIntyre's reaction on winning the Championship

Further talking about his achievement, McIntyre revealed how he reacted after winning the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 36.

“To be the first Brit just blew my mind. I really did take a moment sitting in the office here when I had the title, which I keep by my side at all times. Looking at it like ‘wow, that’s my life’s work.'”

Drew McIntyre talked about the fanfare that his victory at WrestleMania 36 received in Britain. He recalled how the two biggest headlines by BBC on that day were regarding The Queen of Britain and Drew McIntyre winning the WWE Championship.

“To see the world’s response was insane but to see the UK in particular, the way they reacted, mainstream media. I remember the BBC, the biggest media outlet in the UK, the special report that day, the two top headlines were Queen gives a speech and Drew McIntyre becomes first British Champion.”
Published 19 Jul 2020
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