Drew McIntyre shares the seemingly unreal dream that inspired his book (Exclusive)

Drew McIntyre has a new book in stores
Drew McIntyre has a new book in stores
Nithin Joseph

Drew McIntyre recently released his new book "A Chosen Destiny: My Story". It gives fans an inside look into the life of the Scottish Warrior from the highs to the lows. It's something that he is extremely proud of, and understandably so.

In an exclusive interview with Rick Ucchino and Kevin Kellam on The inSide Kradle podcast, Drew McIntyre shared a never-before-heard story about his new book and how he envisioned it.

The former WWE Champion recalled the time he and his wife were looking to buy their first house. When they saw a particular house, Drew admitted he loved it, and that he could almost see himself sitting in the office at that house and writing the book. They bought the house, and the rest is history.

Now, to have penned his story has left Drew McIntyre feeling surreal.

"The house I'm in right now. I remember I was in the independent scene, and my wife and I we're looking at buying our first house together. We're in our first apartment at the time. We're talking about our first house, the house I'm in right now. And realistically it may have been a bit out of our means, but I went in and looked around it and I loved the house, and I was like, 'I really love the house!' And there was a little table just outside the office here that I looked at. I thought to myself, 'One day I'll pin my meomoirs on that table right there,' and I said that to her," said McIntyre.

Fate works in strange way, and it certainly did in the case of Drew McIntyre. It is great to know that he is going through with all the plans he has envisioned for himself.

Sylvester Stallone inspired Drew McIntyre's decision

Drew McIntyre revealed that he decided to buy the house because of Sylvester Stallone. The Scottish Warrior was watching the Hollywood superstars documentary at the time. Stallone's insistence on not giving up the Rocky script is what made McIntyre determined to buy the house.

"I was watching the Sylvester Stallone documentary at the time. And he was telling his story about how he was adamant about not letting the Rocky script go without him playing the role of Rocky. And he stuck to his guns and believed in himself and how much he believed in himself and he had these visions in his head of where he saw himself. And I saw myself in this house. I saw myself one day doing my memoirs on that table. But yeah, that's crazy that now I have that book right here and I did a lot of it just outside this office room," said McIntyre.

Drew McIntyre reveals this and other stories in his new book. Will you lay your hands on it as soon as you can?

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Edited by Vishal Kataria
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