"What a way to make a living" – Ex-WWE personality destroys Aliyah for SmackDown segment (Exclusive)

Aliyah was scheduled to face Lacey Evans
Aliyah was scheduled to face Lacey Evans

Former WWE manager Dutch Mantell feels that Aliyah is making a living in the business without having to throw a punch in the ring.

On the latest episode of WWE SmackDown, Lacey Evans was set to face the rookie in a singles match. However, the self-proclaimed American hero was once again upset with the disrespect shown by the fans and walked out of the match. Evans was set to team up with Aliyah on last week's show but was disgruntled at the fans and ended up throwing a Woman's Right at her partner.

Speaking on Sportskeeda Wrestlng's post-show review, Smack Talk, Mantell mentioned that Aliyah didn't even have to wrestle to make money. He pointed out that it was the second week where she walked to the ring and just stood there while Evans cut a promo, and the segment ended without a match.

"Hey, one good thing about the show, Aliyah was there. My girl, she was there. And what a match, God! What a way to make a living. You go to the ring, this is like the second week, and you don't even wrestle. You just stand there like a statue for like five or six minutes and you pick up your money. I guess she's making 400 grand a year or whatever she's making, 500, I guess maybe. But if she was making 50 dollars, she didn't do nothing. She just stood there," Mantell said. [9:37 - 10:16]

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Aliyah had a message for Lacey Evans after WWE SmackDown

After being deprived of another match this week, Aliyah took to Twitter to vent her frustrations. She wrote out a tweet seemingly indicating that she was not done with the Sassy Southern Belle.

"To hell and back b****," Aliyah wrote.
To hell and back b**** 😈…

It remains to be seen how WWE will proceed with the Lacey Evans and Aliyah storyline as the eventual match between the two women looks set to happen sooner or later.

Do you think the two women will lock horns on the road to WWE SummerSlam? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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