"I don't know what he was doing" - WWE legend lambasts Tommy Dreamer and Ric Flair after Dark Side of the Ring episode (Exclusive)

Tommy Dreamer and Ric Flair have received backlash after the episode aired
Tommy Dreamer and Ric Flair have received backlash after the episode aired
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The fallout from Vice's latest episode of Dark Side of the Ring continues with WWE veteran and former manager Dutch Mantell commenting on Tommy Dreamer's comments on the show.

Vice returned on air this past week for the remainder of season 3 of Dark Side of the Ring. The eighth episode, titled Plane Ride from Hell, discussed the incidents that took place in a private flight from London to return to the United States after a grueling European tour for the WWE.

Dutch Mantell was critical of Dreamer's comments on the latest episode of Dark Side of the Ring chronicling the Plane ride from hell. Mantell suggested that the ECW legend was trying to downplay the incident. Mantell accused Dreamer of taking Ric Flair's side and brushing off the harrowing effects the incident had on the flight attendant.

“Talking about Tommy Dreamer, like you said, Tommy Dreamer, I don't know what he was doing. But he was basically trying to cover for Flair and trying to make his activities seem like it wasn't a big thing. But if you put your wife, or daughter, or your sister or cousin or anybody or a good friend in place of the flight attendant, if you put it in a personal context, then you really really mad.”

IMPACT Wrestling was also quick to suspend Tommy Dreamer after backlash from the episode.

Fightful has learned that IMPACT staff was informed today that Tommy Dreamer would not be at this weekend's tapings after his controversial comments on last night's Dark Side of the Ring episode…

Mantell has no sympathy for Ric Flair after watching Dark Side of the Ring

Mantell continued that he had often heard distasteful rumors about Ric Flair. The former WWE manager pointed out that Flair had committed such transgressions time and time again to varying degrees.

“I have no sympathy toward Ric Flair. I have no sympathy at all. Because this is behavior that he did over and over again to varying degrees. Now I have never really been around him, but I’ve heard the rumors – they’ve been around ever since I’ve known Ric Flair.”

Mantell detailed that Ric Flair believed in his own hype and that was very dangerous for a professional wrestler. Dutch stated that Flair drew a lot of money in his professional life, but his personal life was very stressful and the latest episode of Dark Side of the Ring proved just that.

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