Dutch Mantell says top SmackDown star is "embarrassing" to watch right now (Exclusive)

Dutch Mantell was critical of a top SmackDown star
Dutch Mantell is a legend of the wrestling industry

Wrestling legend Dutch Mantell recently opined on former Universal Champion Bray Wyatt's current WWE run.

The Eater of Worlds returned to WWE in October last year and, at one point in time, was reportedly listed internally as the top babyface on SmackDown. Since then, Wyatt's run seems to have gone downhill, especially with his current persona. He recently battled LA Knight in a Pitch Black match that got mixed reactions from the wrestling fraternity.

On the latest episode of Smack Talk, Dutch Mantell spoke extensively about Bray Wyatt. He mentioned the reports of Brock Lesnar refusing to work with the former Universal Champion at WrestleMania, leading WWE to scramble for last-minute plans. This resulted in Brock Lesnar vs. Omos being made official, while Bobby Lashley vs. Bray Wyatt is likely to be announced soon.

Mantell said that Bray Wyatt is "hitting a zero" right now and that the Firefly Funhouse is "embarrassing" to watch.

"We've talked about Bray [Wyatt]. To me right now, he's hitting a zero. He started out with a lot of promise and a lot of thoughts about him and where he could go. Now you're watching them thinking, 'What the hell are they doing?' That Firefly Funhouse, it's almost embarrassing to watch it, I don't know how that has anything to do with wrestling. Kids might like it, and Bray may even be good at selling merchandise. But as far as selling tickets, if that was your main event, you'd have half a house. I don't think anybody would be interested in seeing Bray and Brock." [4:09 - 4:59]

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Dutch Mantell recently opined on the options for Bray Wyatt going forward

In the aftermath of the Mountain Dew™ Pitch Black Match at Royal Rumble, Dutch Mantell aired his opinions of the Eater of Worlds.

The legend was tired of the same pattern that Bray Wyatt had where he was unable to make other stars look good, and his matches rarely delivered. He essentially suggested that the former Universal Champion may need a character refresh.

"I don't know where Bray Wyatt can go from here. LA Knight, that wouldn't be my problem because you could do anything with him right now. Where is Bray going to go? He has to restart it... They need to sit down, and that's where the problem comes in. When you have to sit down and really think about where to go with a talent or a character."

With a high-profile match between Wyatt and Lashley likely shaping up, the mysterious presence of Uncle Howdy also looms large. The Eater of Worlds' aide attacked Lashley on a recent episode of RAW but was taken down by the latter. It remains to be seen what role he will play going into WrestleMania.

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