Edge explains what winning the Universal Championship from Roman Reigns would mean for his career

Edge and Roman Reigns will face off at MITB
Edge and Roman Reigns will face off at MITB
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Edge believes winning the WWE Universal Championship would be a nice addition to his resume. The Rated-R Superstar has pretty much done it all in WWE, except win the WWE Universal Title.

During his conversation on The Bump, Edge explained what winning the WWE Universal Title would mean for his incredible list of accomplishments at WWE. The multi-time WWE world champion explained that the title was introduced right after he had retired and the idea of winning it was never in his plans.


Hence, winning the WWE Universal Championship would be absolutely special for Edge. Edge even added that sometimes he would have to pinch himself, as he tends to get lost for words when he stops and thinks about his return to professional wrestling at times.

"Yeah, it came around after I was gone, so the idea of winning it was never in the cards. So, yeah, it would absolutely be special. I look at the resume, that would be a nice cherry on top. Again, the fact that I'm doing this Kayla, that for me, like I get lost for words sometimes when I stop and try and think about it because it's really overwhelming that I'm back in here doing so. And at times, as cliched as it sounds, I gotta pinch myself."

Edge made his return to in-ring action at the 2020 Royal Rumble pay-per-view and immediately made his presence felt in the business. The Rated-R Superstar has been involved with big names in WWE since returning to action and throughout his run so far, Edge has already competed in some high-profile feuds.

The Rated-R Superstar also won the Royal Rumble in 2021 and earned himself a shot at the WWE Universal Championship. But at Wrestlemania 37, Edge failed to capture the belt off Roman Reigns in a Triple Threat Match that also included Daniel Bryan.

Edge will challenge for the Universal Championship at Money in the Bank

At the upcoming WWE Money in the Bank PPV, Edge will finally get his singles title match against Roman Reigns. The former WWE Champion will aim to take the Universal Title off 'The Tribal Chief', but the task in hand definitely isn't easy for Edge.

Given how dominant Reigns has been lately, beating him for the Universal Title would take a lot even for someone of Edge's stature.

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