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Elias reveals what went wrong with Brock Lesnar during the Royal Rumble match (Exclusive)

Brock Lesnar and Elias during the Royal Rumble match.
Brock Lesnar and Elias during the Royal Rumble match.
Modified 20 Oct 2020, 05:33 IST

WWE offered one of the best Royal Rumble matches in history earlier this year in which Brock Lesnar was booked as the first entrant of the match.

Brock Lesnar kicked off the match, and Elias was the second man to enter the fray. As expected, WWE booked an entertaining angle between the two Superstars, which included a musical performance from Elias. Brock Lesnar eventually attacked Elias before eliminating the Drifter from the match.

Ryan Boman interviewed Elias for Sportskeeda Wrestling, and The Drifter spoke about his Royal Rumble moment with Brock Lesnar.

Elias comments on his Royal Rumble segment with Brock Lesnar

Elias admitted that his Royal Rumble run-in with Brock Lesnar didn't go according to plan as he had much more to sing and play before the Beast Incarnate ambushed him.

While Elias realized that Brock Lesnar got the better of him that night, the Superstar said that he would be better prepared to confront Lesnar whenever it happens next in the WWE.

Elias explained the following about his Royal Rumble altercation with Brock Lesnar and what exactly went wrong:

"I can tell you I have no idea what Brock's going to do or what his handler Paul Heyman's going to have him do. I can tell that absolutely did not go according to plan. In fact, I had a lot more in store to sing and play and for whatever reason, and if you go and watch it back, the kind of look on my face where I'm like, 'Alright, I guess this is happening.' He just decided to run down the ramp at one point; he tried to come after me and try and take me out. Fortunately, I ducked out of the way as this man, you could imagine, 300+ pounds, incredible athlete, running full speed at me, trying to take my head off. I got in the ring. I mean, I'm not the one to make excuses, but here I am, I've got a guitar around me. I'm also ducked to my microphone and the electrical equipment in my back pocket, and all of a sudden, I find myself in a middle of a fight with Brock Lesnar. So yeah, he definitely got the better of me, but I'll tell you what. The next time - I imagine there will be at some point down the line, I will be a lot more prepared for how to deal with Brock Lesnar."

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Published 20 Oct 2020, 05:33 IST
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