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Ember Moon reveals how WWE Hall of Famer helped her overcome her fear of heights (Exclusive)

Ember Moon
Ember Moon
Vatsal Rathod
Modified 14 Feb 2021

Former NXT Women's Champion Ember Moon recently joined Sportskeeda's Rick Ucchino for an interview. During the interview, Ember Moon revealed how she is afraid of heights and due to the same, she initially used to perform her finisher Eclipse from the second rope instead of the top rope.

Ember Moon then revealed that it was WWE Hall of Famer Booker T who told her to do it off the top rope. While Ember Moon was reluctant at first, Booker T told her to try doing the move from the top rope on him.

"I did it on the second rope for so long because I was afraid of going any higher than that and I remember going to Booker T's training facility down in Houston and he was like you gotta do that off the top rope. I was like nope, never gonna do it. He was like you wanna give it to me and I was like well, okay, yes. He's like the only way I'll take it is if you do it off the top and I was like, oh okay cool."
"And he has like all these different rings like he has the training ring which has lower ropes and so that's how he got me acclimated to doing it off the top and I would do it on the trainees, his head coach Kevin. And that's essentially how the eclipse became a top rope move because like even then if you go to reality of wrestling, they just posted a clip of me doing it off the second, and I'm like oh man, the evolution of this move down to NXT posting the eclipse appreciation post."

You can watch the entire interview with Ember Moon here.

"I want to make it the best move possible that no one can imitate it" - Ember Moon on the Eclipse

Ember Moon further revealed that she wants to make Eclipse the best move possible so that no one can imitate it. Ember Moon joked about how she has seen people try to do the move but no one can do it like her.

"Like I do it so different, like every time I go out there and do the eclipse, I'm like what else can I do, can I spin harder, can I jerk this, like I want to make it the best move possible that no one can imitate it. You know, people have tried and trust me, mama enjoys watching those videos like nobody else (laughs). Like no one can do it like me and I love that about the move, I really do. It's truly unique to me and I've been doing it for 12-13 years now, so like this is my baby. This is my baby that formerly belonged to James and it's mine like to the point I don't think about the heights anymore. Now, if you'll had me do it off a cage or something, we might reconsider things (laughs)."

Ember Moon will compete in the finals of the Women's Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic this Sunday at NXT TakeOver: Vengeance Day as she'll team up with Shotzi Blackheart to take on Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez.

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Published 14 Feb 2021, 10:52 IST
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