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WWE News: Eric Bischoff believes rebranding TNA would be a great move for Billy Corgan

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Eric Bischoff
Bischoff served as the general manager of Raw from 2002 to 2005

Over the past couple of weeks, we have heard over half a dozen rumours surrounding TNA's financial status as well as the company's possible sale with the latest one of these rumour being that WWE is interested in buying TNA's tape library.

Ever since this rumour was first heard, it has become a hot topic among wrestling fans and they have been talking about how this move could affect the future of WWE's arch rival company.

In his Latest podcast, the former WCW President and former Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff also shared his thoughts on the topic of WWE purchasing TNA's tape library and discussed the possible effect it will have on the wrestling company. Thanks to below are some highlights from his show.

Bischoff, who served TNA from 2010 to 2014 as part of their creative team, is largely believed to be the reason for many changes in TNA programming. Changes such as the introduction of a Four-Sided ring or rebranding of Impact, happened during his time with the company.

Erich Bischoff was quoted on the topic of WWE buying TNA’s library as saying:

“It is interesting. WWE is buying one of the assets of TNA. Arguably the most valuable one. Other than the library there’s just not a lot of hard assets that go along with the company. They don’t have a touring model. Their PPV business is probably a little more ancillary business now than it is a core business. They don’t have any licensing and merchandising to speak of so there’s no reoccurring revenue stream in that regard. There’s only so many assets to a wrestling company and a library is probably the most valuable one so that makes sense to me."

Billy Corgan who is the minority owner of TNA and is largely rumoured to be one of the parties interested in buying the company has previously talked about possibly rebranding the company if he comes in full power.

Speaking of his intention, Eric said selling TNA's tape library is going to be a smart move on Corgan's part if he is going to rebrand the company because wrestling is a business which is hard to sell in the advertising community:

"I think Billy, if he’s going to rebrand TNA, I think that’s the first really smart move he could make. Wrestling is hard enough to sell in the advertising community as it is just because of the nature of the business and the way advertisers perceive it.. I think changing that brand and rebranding it is probably a really smart thing to do right out of the shoot.”

It's notable here that Eric Bischoff is a former amateur wrestler and has worked for companies such as WCW and WWE as part of their creative team as well as serving on-screen roles in both.

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