Major TV network was originally "disappointed" with WWE, according to Eric Bischoff (Exclusive)

Eric Bischoff was the executive director of SmackDown in 2019
Eric Bischoff was the executive director of SmackDown in 2019

WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff recently revealed that FOX was not entirely satisfied with the Stamford-based promotion following their major TV deal.

Since 2019, FOX has aired SmackDown every Friday night as part of their five-year partnership with WWE.

Eric Bischoff was the executive director of SmackDown at the start of FOX's relationship with the company. During a recent interview with Sportskeeda Wrestling, he highlighted that the network was disappointed at how their business partnership began with World Wrestling Entertainment.

"I think the expectations of what WWE was going to bring to FOX back in 2019, because I was there and I was gently really a part of it at the very tail end. I think they were pretty disappointed originally, but if you look at, you know it's two million plus viewers a week." Bischoff added: "So I think it's doing pretty well. I know, I don't know, I believe from an ad sales perspective doing very, very well. And that's a market that they've cultivated [WWE] for 20 or 30 years." (From 5:07 to 6:12)

After the high-profile deal with FOX, Friday Night SmackDown has become one of WWE's biggest weekly programs.

Eric Bischoff on what makes WWE stand out

With today's technology, companies need to be able to utilize social media to promote their businesses.

Continuing his conversation with Sportskeeda Wrestling, the former RAW General Manager said that WWE's massive following enables them to promote their programs worldwide.

"Look at what WWE brings to the table that almost no other television producer studio could. What about 25-28 million people in their database? As a part of the WWE online presence around the world. WWE has an audience, digitally has an audience that they can promote to drive people to a network. Come on now, that's a lot of value beyond ratings." (From 7:33 to 8:26)

WWE's social platforms play host to some staggering numbers, and their YouTube Channel is among the top 10 most subscribed channels on the website, with nearly 90 million subscribers.

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