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WWE News: Eric Bischoff on Goldberg’s Return, “Thank you for the Passion”

3.83K   //    20 Oct 2016, 14:46 IST
Bischoff was impressed by the sheer intensity of emotion that Goldberg brought during his return to Monday Night RAW

The wrestling landscape would not be what it is today without a certain Eric Bischoff.

He truly unleashed the Monday Night Wars on Vince McMahon and the WWE and ushered in the era of newfound attitude and realism that paved the way for some of the biggest stars of the wrestling industry. He may have his set of detractors, but Bischoff will be remembered for his work with WCW during their spectacular run.

While this past week, the entire WWE Universe resounded with chants of ‘Goldberg, Goldberg’ as Goldberg made his return on Monday Night RAW, Bischoff took a different approach on the superstar’s return. 

Bischoff had earlier teased that he had two words for Bill Goldberg and he later revealed those words. On his online podcast, Bischoff on Wrestling, the ‘Controversy King of Sports Entertainment’ expressed his heartfelt gratitude to Goldberg. 

“I have two words for Bill Goldberg, ‘Thank You.’ Thank you for bringing the passion, the credibility, the believability and just the, no pun intended, raw emotion that I think, you know people have missed for a long time.”

Bischoff assured fans that there was nothing scripted about Goldberg. The tears, the emotions, the words that he said – he meant it all. He pointed out that Bill Golberg’s return was a refreshing change to the monotonous routine that Monday Night RAW was struggling to overcome. 

He expressed his profound joy for the wrestling fans who got to experience and be a part of that adrenaline filled entrance and promo by Goldberg. He said that he had his eyes on Goldberg’s current trajectory in the WWE and wanted to see how his return turns out.

Bischoff also shed light on the psyche of Bill Goldberg. He reported that Goldberg had left WWE 12 years ago with a bitter taste in his mouth. But when he stepped into the ring last Monday amidst deafening cheers, he realised just how much he loves the business and the fans. With him connecting to the crowd the way he did, developed and gave more dimensions to his character.

Take a look at this video to relive Goldberg’s triumphant return to Monday Night RAW.

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