Eric Bischoff reveals why most fans love Sting but not Goldberg [Exclusive]

Sting and Goldberg
Sting and Goldberg

Eric Bischoff spoke with SK Wrestling's own Riju Dasgupta and opened up on fans berating Goldberg whenever he returns to WWE, but praising Sting when he debuted on AEW.

Eric Bischoff spoke candidly about the major difference between fan reaction to Goldberg's WWE appearances and Sting's AEW debut. Check out his comments below:

"I think it goes back to the beginning of Goldberg's career. Bill Goldberg became a megastar almost overnight. And, as a result of that, Bill Goldberg was thrust into the limelight in main event matches with top-level talent, without really having the experience that would enable him to have longer, more dramatic types of matches that you would see out of a Sting, or a Chris Jericho, or you name it, any of the other top stars," said Bischoff.
"I think because of Bill Goldberg's limited experience in the very beginning, and the fact that Bill didn't really develop a much broader skill-set in terms of his technical abilities in the ring, fans sometimes look at Bill Goldberg as a limited star in terms of in-ring ability. I think there's some resentment in the eyes of fans for that. They understand the character, how powerful the character is, but because of the limitations that he has in terms of what he can do in the ring, I think there's a little bit of resentment or resistance to Bill Goldberg," Bischoff added.

Bill Goldberg and Sting were two of WCW's biggest stars

While WWE had megastars like The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin during the Monday Night War, WCW was pushing Bill Goldberg to the sky as an unstoppable machine. The same was the case with Sting, who went toe to toe with the nWo on various occasions, and was pushed as the hero who would rid WCW of the unruly stable.

Around two decades later, both Goldberg and Sting are with different promotions and still hold major star-power. Goldberg will be challenging Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship at the upcoming Royal Rumble event. If he wins the belt, this would be his first WWE title reign. As for Sting, he is currently with AEW, but there's no word yet whether he will be wrestling anytime soon. Most fans are speculating that whenever he does, it will be in a cinematic presentation.

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